Posted by: alimtiaz | June 8, 2013

Should cigarette smoking be banned?

lagi belajar nulis bahasa inggris, just enjoy and write the comment..!

Smoking is a reasonable custom in Indonesia. This is because a very affordable price, cigarettes are also easily purchased either at the supermarket or at the regular vendors who sell along the way. Indonesia’s smoking habit can be seen anywhere. Also can be seen that smokers regardless of age, from young children to the elderly. Smoking look like become a “necessity” for most people in Indonesia, so it is very difficult to be abandoned.

Behavior of smokers in Indonesia is very worrying. Public places such as hospitals, offices, schools, colleges, bus stops, terminals, airports and public transport should be a safe zone of cigarette smoke, but become into a lust of release smokers. Without shame and guilt, they suck cigarette with pleasure, without going to care about the people around him that was troubled with the smoke and stench of cigarettes smoked. Egocentric attitude often displayed by smokers. It is very disturbing that people do not smoke (passive smoking), although they did not express.

Smoking is very harmful for health. Medical experts agree that smoking can cause lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, infertility and other diseases. Survey (research) has proven that. Even for the passive smokers (non-smokers), cigarette smoke is more dangerous than active smokers. The government warnings in wich listed in cigarette pack that “smoking can cause cancer, heart attacks, impotence and disorders of pregnancy and the fetus”, it does not prevent people to smoke, in the absence of rules with strict punishment. Consciously or not, to get their health is at stake income of cigarettes. Statistics show the fact that smoking is the culprit threatening. Overall there are 4.9 million deaths annually, where 70 percent of that amount in developing countries. World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2020 tobacco related diseases will be a major health problem in the world that causes 8.4 million deaths every year half of which occur in Asia. Tobacco-related deaths in Asia will increase by almost 4 fold from 1.1 million (in 1990) to 4.2 million (2020). This fact makes our hearts sad indeed. Not only get worse as the performance ranking 3rd in the world in matters of cigarettes, but Indonesia also named as “Heaven Smokers”, because smoking freely in Indonesia without any rules strict sanctions. A considerable achievement and title tarnished and embarrassing the nation of Indonesia.

Tobacco industry and smoking behavior in society in the socio-economic aspects can not be removed easily from the poverty perspective. On production, many factors or elements involved in that aspect of which is the owner of the factory (investors), employees/workers, tobacco farmers to the cigarette sellers on the curb. This can be observed in the year 2010, the production and distribution of cigarettes in Indonesia as much as 250 billion cigarettes (source: Global Tobacco Control Report, 2010). Based on the facts and data when quantified in layman, from 250 billion cigarettes in Indonesia the potential circulation of money just for the consumption of Rp 125 trillion (assuming one (1) cigarettes for 500 dollars). Compare with the projected plan of the state budget in 2013 the health sector which only Rp 30.9 trillion, also the field of social assistance ‘only’ Rp 59 trillion, which includes the field of social protection.

Therefore smoking should be immediately abandoned. If can not be abandoned 100%, then be deducted from the amount of attention usually and also pay attention to the place of smoking. Do not smoke in public places because it will disturb many people. Also do not smoke around toddlers. Because it would interfere with his health. And I, as writer this essay, invite you all to live a healthy life without cigarettes.


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