Posted by: alimtiaz | May 8, 2013

SPOILED DURIAN (Durian Busuk alias Tempoyak)

Do you know what is spoiled durian? Surely you do not want to eat it. But this time is different, durian is deliberately decomposed as one of processed durian, which favored by many people. It is called by Tempoyak. Indeed, it is peculiar, especially in Java, because of the unique preparations made from durian is only available in some areas such as Bengkulu in Sumatra, Palembang, Jambi and Kalimantan. For most people who are not acquainted with this food might seem odd and perhaps even repulsive. However, different for some people who like to Tempoyak, processed it will be very tasty and addictive. Tempoyak is not part of snacks that can be enjoyed as such. Because in addition to Tempoyak has a distinctive aroma, tempoyak also be cooked first, and usually cooked with a variety of seafood, like fish, shrimp, and scallops.

I do not know for sure the origin Tempoyak, also why called by Tempoyak. Processed durian this one is not as popular as other preparations of durian, durian because Tempoyak was seeded last in the stand for several days until the durian rot, so issuing distinct aroma and taste of durian aroma before made ​​Tempoyak. Tempoyak used as a mixture of sauce cooked with fish or shrimp, and fish, even tempoyak is not to be used as a substitute for appropriate sauce or chili paste sauce Balado Padang-style stalls.

Ther are not stout materials needed to make tempoyak. First, it takes some durian fruit, durian, and sure to be processed durian is really mature and qualified. Better yet, if the thick durian contents. The second ingredient is salt for the prevention of worms that might arise during the process of decay. And last jar or container that can be sealed so that air does not enter during the decay.

After preparing some material on top, then the next stage of processing of durian to be Tempoyak. The first step, durian peeled and seeds removed, make sure that only the remaining contents. Then the second step, the durian has been seeded and place it in a container supplied salt, to feel a little salt then mix evenly. Make sure there are no other material such as water or oil mixed. Then the last step is enter the durian that have been mixed with the salt into the jar, make sure the jar is completely dry and clean and cap the jar tightly. Then wait 4-6 days of the decay process.

Tempoyak which in the market is not qualified because the processing is mixed with various ingredients to add volume Tempoyak, such as cassava and this will result in Tempoyak the sour smell was not pleasant as the original. To produce a good Tempoyak, there are some things to consider during processing. Ensure durian really mature, because if young people will disrupt the process of decay. Besides the crucial is to close the jar should be completely sealed so that no air enters, because if it is opened, it will make Tempoyak issue a caterpillar. Manufacture is very simple, if all the processes done well, then decomposed durian will be the best Tempoyak. Lastly it is important for a variety of processed durian lovers, as durian harmful for people with high blood pressure not to consume durian or excessive Tempoyak. BY M I Y


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